Sorry I’ve Been Away – Here’s More California

We do understand there are good, decent people there who want to get out. All are welcome to the United States of Normal but we must be clear that the importing – intentional or not – of any of the Things That Made California California are strictly prohibited and anyone convicted of such act(s) is subject to immediate deportation right back to the Shit Hole.

Other than that, glad to have you with us.


This ruling will add an estimated minimum $25-$50K to the sell price of new homes that nobody can afford to buy as it is. Sounds futuristic to us!


Perpetual Solar Power is a reality, says old almost dead Al.



  1. When those Californicaters move east or south, they always seem to import their progressive mindsets and demands with them, and thus contaminate the waters of their new home states. Former Noo Yawkers have been doing that to Georgia and Florida for years, and it is only by dint of extreme redneck effort that we’ve been able to preserve conservative majorities in both those states.

  2. Earl ~ I’ve gotta commend you on the use of the word “DINT”. It’s very seldom used anymore. I’m a very good speller yet I had to look it up. I thought you’d made a mistake. But of course not. How silly of me. Good spellurs just don’t make mistakes.

  3. Looks like ValJar on the left (hehehehe) trying to get into the US of A. Tell me she’s on a “NO Entry Allowed Under ANY Circumstances Watch List”.

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