Yes I Am Picking On A Little Kid

Because that’s the whole point. David Hogg is ignorant and illiterate, both common enough with youngsters, but he is also arrogant, vindictive, profane and openly political. He’s not out purely to ‘save children’, he’s just the lead singer in the Left’s newest boy band. He’s not a good person, that’s clear enough to me.

Besides, he started it.

child man


  1. Rush drew attention to a clue as to just how scripted Puppet-Boy Hogg is. He refers to his classmates at Parkland as “the children”, a term he must have been given by his leftard handlers. Um, Davy ol’ pal, last time I checked you were going to school with those “children”. Indeed, you appear to be one of them: Same age, same narcissistic immature thinking. Then again, maybe Hoggie is a 40-year old midget with a really bad face lift. My head hurts from trying to figure out these jackwagons.

    1. He’s the chosen face of the Left’s age old attempts to disarm the public, dressed up now as a Children’s Crusade For No Hurts Ever. He is indeed a puppet, as are all the youngsters marching and whatnot to support him. It’s all to gin up voters for the mid terms and it’s a sorry spectacle of what the dems will do to win.

  2. I wouldn’t put it past this nasty, little creep and his Progressive handlers to pay someone to beat him up, then blame it on a Nazi Conservative and take it to the next level as a “martyr”!

      1. Earl, they won’t bother asking him for permission, the will just have it done – and he will never see it coming. That would make him complicit and it is always possible that he would spill the beans later on

  3. Davey boy is doing to the so-called sensible Dems the same thing Kapernickel did to the NFL.
    But when will they realize it ??

    1. Barfo – we can only hope that enough of them wake up soon enough and realize what they are doing to the dem party and NOT vote the party line – which is what most of them do.

    1. If he’s gonna pitch in the Major Leagues, he’s gotta expect a line drive back over the mound every once in a while.

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