2018 Winter Olympics Report

On official credentialed assignment for MFNS right here in PoonChang Korea.  First pics up are Figure Skating.  I don’t know why I haven’t watched more of these dazzling contests but I spent most of the day making up for it. Amazing displays of form and positioning.

Oh, and the cheerleader squads were cool. The North Korean team got all the press but the Norwegians were the crowd favorite. Both groups smelled strongly of fish.


Last, we did manage to grab one shot of the North Korean Speed Skating Team elimination finals. Note the cheer squad girls are holding masks honoring their favorite athlete.



    1. In the words of that noted art critic Lyndon Baines Johnson,”That’s the ugliest goddam thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

  1. Very perceptive Earl. Once again you’ve captured the essence of an event that the MSM has overlooked. Example, they Canadian paired skaters cut the part of their routine where she lands with her furburger on his snout. Very moving.

  2. I hear that the MSM is salivating over the comely and oh-so-friendy sister of Kim Jong Il, the dog-eating mass murderer. The MSM sez she is on the right side of history, whereas Mike Pence (also attending these so-called Games) is not. So, Earl, how ’bout a portrait of Kim Yo Jong? You know, a portrait as only The Earl of Taint can create??

  3. One has to wonder if in 30 years or so,those male skaters will pull a Bruce Jenner and decide to cut their wanker off.

  4. Earl, if you see a sign that says either 매춘부 집 or 개고기, keep walking. And remember we spent all the bail money last time you went to the Far East…… ;)

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