1. I don’t think he’s sick. He made his name off of frat house humor. He’s a clown and always has been. Minnesotans made him a Senator, it’s their bad. Maybe they have a Kathy Griffin type to replace him.

  1. Old Joyless musta had em rolled up and stuffed in a bra. Normally they arehanging near her waistline lookin for worms.

  2. Ol’ Woody Franken, friend of Muslim voters and the “common man”, is a walking, talking example of Democrat Party values. We need to keep him front and center, at least thru the 2018 election cycle.

    1. I certain I read several accounts of that very thing, back in The Dark Years. Including the Pakistani boyfriend he went home with for a long honeymoon. I think College Barry was a gay prostitute to a rich Paki boy, essentially.

    1. I normally say live and let live. I was young once. But I never went to the back side of the chair, no sir not once. That’s just filthy. In my book. Different strokes and all. No offense.

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