I Can’t Find Any Historical Record Of A Free-Agency Market For Slaves

Maybe I missed it but I didn’t think slaves could opt out and leave their plantation in search of bigger money slaving away for someone other master. If they tried to run away, they were pursued. Most eventually were captured, beaten and sent back in chains.

Nobody is chasing Paperdick. Not even to be a slave.



  1. Dumbshit doesn’t see the irony of having an “owner” and his whining about the business of slavery. In the ’50’s book of jargon, his photo has been added to the latest edition entry of “stupid ni**er”.

  2. Roger “Genius” Goodell will compel a fellow slavemaster to purchase Caperdickle’s contract, and everybody will be happy happy, and the whole festering problem will disappear in a unicorn’s saddlebag, and the NFL’s TV ratings will go back up up up, and the slavemasters will get even more richety-rich …. and the kids in the ‘hoods that the zillionaire buds of Paperdick came from? Those kids will still be just as dirt-poor and shit-stupid tomorrow as they are today. How do I know this? Because Frederica Wilson told me that trickle-down does not benefit the poorest and least-white members of our racist society.

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