Obama: Being President Is Hard

The poor, um… man is killing himself with the hard work of killing America. Just look at him, he is flat exhausted and running on fumes. It’s no wonder to hear him fret that his successor might not be able to ruin run the government as effectively as he has done. Everyone already knows he’s the smartest, ah…guy on the planet today and if he says it’s hard, we know it is well beyond the abilities of regular people to endure the harsh demands of the office.

Seriously, who else could possibly bear such an insurmountable burden? We’re going to be lost without him…

a very hard job


  1. Not admonishing you EoT but this is below your usual standards of fair practice. Buck, may Allah bless him and keep him, has carried the weight of the free (shit) world on his shoulders for over 7 long years now and has done a boffo job at it without so much as a by your leave. You’ve even dismissed supporting opinions by other objective celebrities like Jimmy Kimmelstein and Gwyneth Paltrow who is one, classy, lady! http://gwynethpaltrownude.net/wp-content/sites/18/2008/07/post-2a-300×202.jpg

  2. Yeah
    Getting up at 10 every day and doing maybe 4 hours work must really be fucking stressful. Its a wonder he hasn’t had a stroke

    More’s the pity…

      1. You really want to send him into a spazoid tantrum, have some guy, one of the pool if need be, slip him a few bucks, just to score his actual game going round.
        And Post It
        THAT, would be comedy

  3. Gee, I don’t know how he has managed to survive the strain of playing so much golf. I would have to go to work to get some relaxation!

  4. lamont misunderstood the question… he wasn’t asked (“axed” for you lamont voters) if the JOB was hard, but if HE was hard, and the survey says: “whenever Reggie Love bends over to tie his shoes”! The dip-shit-in-cheef ALSO misunderstood when asked about driving to the beach to surf while in Hawaii… “did he have a woody” caused understandable consternation for “the smartest man who ever entered the White House”.

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