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Thousands Of Venezuelan Trash Truck Drivers Furloughed Due To Lack Of Trash



Socialism Update

Another Magnificent Socialist Victory!   Venezuelans eating dogs and giant anteaters and shit.

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They’re Socializing In Venezuela

Another idea from my cousin back East, Bubba.

This is a picture of the crowd lined up to get into the Venezuelan grocery store, which is already shuttering closed. 15 years of Chavismo has come to this. And so far, no word from Hugo’s Hollywood pals all of whom have some serious huevos on they faces.


Sean Penn is Prince Charmin

hat tip to Bubba

sean penn venezuela

Sean Penn venezuela

sean penn venezuela

Hugo Chavez acquires Pilotless Drones, Mindless Drones shoved aside


Based on an observation from Bubba at http://whatbubbaknows.info/ Thanks very much!