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Cruzer’s Last Stand?

I sure hope not. He’s the most solid conservative candidate we’ve had in years… and I’d hate to think I jinxed him with my endorsement. Like I did with the Dallas Cowboys. Sorry fans.


We also apologize for inadvertently disclosing Trump’s secret plan to annex Mexico in order to settle the immigration issue.

Merry Christmas From Texas

Texas Christmas

A Halloween Tail


Travis County (Austin TX) Grand Jury Indicts Rick Perry

Yeah, it’s just dirty politics. That’s all Texas Dems have in their purse. The wormy little freaks.


They’re Only Seeking A Better Life

Sorry but we can’t take everybody.

detroit immigrants

Ominous Signs On The Border


Wendy’s Up For Another Round


Wendy Davis Drops Off Her Kids

This really happened.

wendys kids

Abortion Barbie

This is what qualifies a woman to run for Governor on the Democrat ticket here:


Compare And Contrast


Historically, hysteria referred to a medical condition thought to be particular to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus (from the Greek ὑστέρα “hystera” = uterus), caused by the movement of the uterus to various locations within the body as it became light and dry due to a lack of bodily fluids.

Of course we chuckle at the ignorance of the ancients, since today we know hysteria is not limited to women, haha. No, Modern Science teaches us that almost anyone with a vagina can become hysterical once stymied, frustrated or stressed. All appear to have a surplus of bodily fluids.

Texas is winning, California is losing…wonder why?


“What should be the Federer vs. Nadal of state-level competition has become a lopsided trouncing: Texas has humiliated its opponent in straight sets. The federal Bureau of Economic Analysis is out with its state-by-state economic growth numbers for 2012, and Texas is dancing the two-step all over California’s “recovery.” The Hill reports:”

texas beats california in straight sets

“The most telling indictment of California’s performance? If you removed oil and gas from the Texas economy, the Lone Star state has still outpaced growth in California. Apologists for the Golden State shouldn’t forget that it is in possession of two-thirds of America’s proven shale reserves, a treasure trove that rivals many resource-rich sovereign countries.

The BEA also found, to the shock of all concerned, that while California was experiencing the largest tax hike in US history, the national economy grew at eight times the pace of California’s. The Texas economy, by contrast, grew 71 percent faster than the national economy that year.

Finally, and most disturbingly, the US Census Bureau found that between 2009 and 2011, California had the highest supplemental poverty measure in America, with 42 percent more people in poverty as a share of the population than Texas. This can’t all be chalked up to immigration either: illegal immigrants account for the same percentage of Texas’s population as they do California’s.”

Texas Halloween