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There Are Times I’m Not Totally Sure What I’m Doing

Like this one, for example. I might have had a little too much lemonade. I don’t remember.

Anyway y’all can help me out by watching for obvious signs of stroke and/or eruliaf niarb that might appear in the toons, or elsewhere. Just drop me a heads-up like “Earl, your shit looks retarded!” and I will call 191 from here. Things You!


Tainted Sports Athlete Of The Month – The Girl With The Red Shirt

Baseball playoffs are near. Football started. Basketball just around the corner. Soccer. Hockey, yeah OK. Sports are in the air – it’s Sports Season! and we here at EOT do love our sports. Especially Team Sports. Double Especially Women’s Team Sports. Bonus Compounded Quarterly Double Especially Women’s Team Sports With Uniforms Like This:

EARL OF TAINT September 2015 Athlete Of The Month

Presenting The EARL OF TAINT September 2015 Athlete Of The Month

I could watch all day.

These are college women, btw. Not jail bait.