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Authorities Discover Captured Sister Of Baghdadi Was Also Third Wife

Ilhan gets around.


The Widows And Orphans

The looks on those kids’ faces breaks my heart. The one on the right is about the same age as my grandson – and shows the same expression my little buddy does when he’s processing something new and unusual.

Sucks we have a “president” who ignored all military advise and pulled our troops completely out of Iraq, leaving a fragile truce between Sunnis and Shiites to work itself out. But of course the Shiites had been brutalized under Saddam and the Sunni clans for so long, they had to take their revenge. And the Sunni tribes rose up against them and ultimately ISIS was born. And blah blah blah.

Everyone of the refugees can rightfully blame Barack Hussein Obama for their current plight. A decent, truly compassionate man would have tried to help them keep their homes and children safe, not thrown them to the wolves. But here we are.


Must Be Some Of Those “Heroic Lions Of The Desert” I Keep Reading About

So who’s left fighting the Syrian War? Just the Russians, ISIS and our Five Guys?

tp fighters

We Had A Misprint On The Title… So We Had To Put A Sticker On Every Copy

It’s a cheap fix. Beats reprinting the entire run.


John Kerry On Language Of Diplomacy Testing Requirements

Spinning The Fail

“The language of diplomacy sometimes requires that you put things to the test, and we did.”


Sec Kerry participating in Testing 9-13-2013. photo courtesy L’Académie de Langue Diplomatique

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An Incredible Threat Of Force

incredible threat of force

Intensive Wargaming Under Way At The White House

The mundane daily chores must take a back seat.

Besides, swimming season is over.


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Barry The Destroyer

It’s never my intent to disparage our armed forces. It’s not their fault their Commander in Chief is a delusional fairybutt.


The Little Red Line

assad red line

It’s Just Hilarious The Way Things Turn Out Sometimes, Isn’t It?

I’m telling you, the world is upside down.

john kerry warpig

Why Obama Backed Off


obama backed down

Why Ask Congress To Vote On Syria If You’ll Do Whatever You Want Anyway?

I suspect Obama is looking to score cheap political points off the crisis.

And I suspect the GOP will do their best to help him. I can’t watch…

obama seeks congressional vote on syria