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The Face Of The Democrats: Full Bore Retard


The Many Triggerings Of Sandy Ocasio Cortez (SOC)

“Colonial vegetables from indigenous peoples, oh my God!”

“Donde esta Yucca??”

colonial vegetables

“Maybe I’m doing this wrong…”

“Nah…just needs more cowbell!”


“How dare you put these children into dreadful, shameful Concentration Camps! And how dare you try to make them more “comfortable”, just to cover your cruel, heartless and uncaring intentions!!”

“Thank goodness, the innocent children know nothing of the dangers they face. We distract them with our antics, as though we were funny clowns. They laugh heartily.”


“Question:  Why doesn’t Amazon, etc open a new factory in this town, so the homeless people can all be given jobs? That sounds like a win-win from the place where I imagine outcomes.”

“Ow! My head hurts so bad. Why do I have to think of everything around here??”

us homeless