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I’d Think Donald Trump Would Be Rather Easy For Rosie To Explain To Her Kids (Caution – NSFW – Lesbeing Sex)

I mean, all things considered, explaining The Donald to the kids ought to be a cakewalk.

sad rosie

That’s Rosie’s actual tweeted dialog right there.

Anyway begin the explanation with “Mommy started it”.

Trump had pardoned a beauty pageant contestant and argued she was worthy of a second chance. Rosie spoke up on The View with her objection to the notion of Trump as a moral role model. Among her comments that day:

baba rosie view

And then Trump fired back, calling her fat. And it was on. Timeline detailed here, if you care to know it.

Leaked Promo Suggests Williams Replacement Has Been Selected

Of course, this is only a rumor. Other possibilities have been reported. Developing….