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The First American Refugees

…were the immigrants now known as Native Americans or First Nations or Redskins or whatever. The first from Europe were the Pilgrims. Puritans fleeing persecution in England found refuge in the New Land where they formed one of the most religiously intolerant colonies ever. You did everything their way or they strapped you to a wagon and horse-whipped your ass out of town. Their intolerance played a large part in the addition of the Establishment Clause to the Constitution. Each colony wanted its religion to be the new official state religion like in England and so blah blah blah and blah.

OK. Here’s the ironical:


The Widows And Orphans

The looks on those kids’ faces breaks my heart. The one on the right is about the same age as my grandson – and shows the same expression my little buddy does when he’s processing something new and unusual.

Sucks we have a “president” who ignored all military advise and pulled our troops completely out of Iraq, leaving a fragile truce between Sunnis and Shiites to work itself out. But of course the Shiites had been brutalized under Saddam and the Sunni clans for so long, they had to take their revenge. And the Sunni tribes rose up against them and ultimately ISIS was born. And blah blah blah.

Everyone of the refugees can rightfully blame Barack Hussein Obama for their current plight. A decent, truly compassionate man would have tried to help them keep their homes and children safe, not thrown them to the wolves. But here we are.


Must Be Some Of Those “Heroic Lions Of The Desert” I Keep Reading About

So who’s left fighting the Syrian War? Just the Russians, ISIS and our Five Guys?

tp fighters

Seeking A New Life, Americans Flock To America

Earl of Taint/MFNS Filed June 7, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Fleeing violent crime and poverty in their home cities, tens of thousands of Americans have fled to other parts of America, overwhelming local resources to the point that those cities have begun busing their new arrivals to the nation’s capital and dumping them on the South Lawn of the White House. To deal with the sudden influx, the Obama administration has requested Congress provide $300 billion in emergency funding for food, housing, healthcare, resettlement costs, employment training and legal fees. As per typical government projections, close to half the funds are expected to disappear into thin air, with no accounting whatsoever.

“We view this as an urgent humanitarian situation,” said an administration spokespoodle “even though a lot of these refugees are just plain old white people who could be utilizing their privilege to get back on top, we still see them as human beings, essentially. And the urgency is for the funding, not the actual relief. We’ll stretch that out for years.”