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Mission Accomplished


Hillary Finally Breaks Through That Ceiling

Everyone’s heard about the Ceiling right?


This Right Wing Fantasy Will Never Actually Happen

I fully accept that this dream image of mine is rather ridiculous. Nothing like this will actually happen to Hillary, after she’s convicted. I’m certain she’ll receive a much nicer cell and no way they chain her by the neck to a stripper’s pole, like I would. But it’s my dream so I indulge myself.

security review

Newsworthy Item

I saw where Jerod Fogle, the former Subway spokesperv, has been promoted to serving food in the Admin dining facility of his prison. Well you all know my dream and nothing else is grabbing me today…

jared in prison

Could She Skate?

Of course. But only if Obama refuses to enforce the law. Which he’s already shown a willingness to do, whenever it suits him politically. Having an indebted Hillary in the WH to clean cover up after him seems like it would fit the agenda. Maybe he even gets to pick her VP. Someone to bring out the black voters and keep a eye on the doings in DC.

Later, he could release the dirt on Hillary – causing her impeachment and his hand picked successor then becomes President…Deval Patrick? Kamela Harris? Reggie Love? Jay Z?

Damn. I’m creeping myself out now.

hillary confident



Someday Soon, In A Federal Women’s Prison…

my dream

Can’t Wait For This


Obama Condemns Himself To Life In Prison, Vows To Fight Repression

It’s one way to dodge the scandals. And if he works it like Mandela, he’ll spend a few decades in jail and come out filthy rich. Not a bad scam.

obama to prison

Manning Doing Hard Time

and loving it.

chelsea clinton I mean manning

Barry and Michelle visit Robben Island Prison in South Africa

Closed to Press. From the Pool Reporter:

POTUS inscribes the family’s message into the guest register, aided by the Small Auxiliary Desktop Teleprompter (SADTOTUS),  flown in personally by Reggie Love.

TOTUS  lunched on prison food (looked to be a McRib but cannot confirm), al fresco.

obama at robben island south africa