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This Is So Very Satisfying

(Thanks to Diogenes Middle Finger for the link!)

One of these things is not like the others…


General America

cap america

Well Now These Are Two Completely Different Situations Altogether

In this case, a Republican president did not personally order a wiretapping, but became connected with those who did. He had to resign.


In this case, a Democratic president says he did not personally order a wiretapping – and cannot be connected to those who did because he says he wouldn’t do that ever. He got a $60 million book deal.

It’s like night and day, sure enough.


Light Turnout For “Scientists March Against Trump”- Poor Planning Blamed As Root Cause

Yep. Everyone brought a stink bomb.


The Media Wars

That’s right. The same Media that openly mocks President Trump (and via him, his supporters) have contracted the righteous vapors over his characterization of them as The Enemy Of The People. The craven, hypocritical, hyper-partisan Liberal News Bitches are appalled. So Freaking What?

The People. The Regular People. The Normal People stand with President Trump over any Media operative or pundit today. And I could not be prouder to be an American.



Media Inflamed. Normal People Highly Entertained.

Who the hell wants it extinguished?


Special Bonus Background Info Available Only To Readers Of (Your Blog Name Here):

Chris Matthews was selected to represent the self-immolating and robustly flaming Media, on account of his seniority and polling that showed the overwhelming preference of viewers to watch him set himself on fire. Rachel Maddow polled impressive numbers also but still came in second to Chris because she’s a butch lesbian. Lawrence O’Donnell finished third, but is also a butch lesbian and Chris Hayes filled the four hole and is just an everyday fag.

First Day


Best Day Ever

Every grieving leftist I’ve seen only serves to sweeten my feelings of joy today. I couldn’t possibly fit them all into the pic but I thank them one and all for sharing their pain and doubling my pleasure. I’m incredibly happy with the current state of our national leadership. Best Day In A Long Damn Time, at least.

Happy Days!





So She’s Like A Fart

The verbiage on the sign is un-retouched. It’s the original photo. She worked on the sign all afternoon. Took longer than she planned because the cats kept getting in her way.


President Trump’s Perfect Plan For The Protesters

Actually it’s our plan but we don’t have the wherewithal to make it happen. But we’ll give him the idea for free. And it would work. Market the Camps as Anti-Trump Burning Man/Coachella-type Communes of Love, etc. They’ll pay to go.

(click the pic to see full size)


The Reason Trump’s Cordial Relationship With Putin Is A Bad Thing?

Someone tell me.