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Your Sunday Sermon

sunday sermon

Tap The Brakes – Take A Breath

The rumors are rampant as to the reason for the Pope’s New Year’s Eve depression and frankly they’ve gotten out of hand. The only factual evidence we have to go on is depicted in the official Vatican photo released below. Everything else is pure conjecture and we must approach it as such.


Hard to imagine what else it could be…

Please bear in mind there may well have been an alternate, equally soul-crushing occurrence on New Year’s Eve, other than the outcome this semi-final college football national championship playoff game. One that could account for His Holiness’s saintly sadness, yet has no connection to the brutal public sodomization gleefully inflicted on the Michigan State Spartans by the Alabama Giant Black Elephant Schlongs in front of God and everybody. Further, the Holy Father is not known to hold any interest in American football so the connection seems tenuous.

So until we have the official explanation, I propose we hold off on the speculations and accusations of Papal wagering and/or gaming. Also the whole “whose side is God on?” debate should cease immediately.


Don’t Tell God But The Pope Is Helping Spread Islam

spreading islam

Yeah? So Who Pooped All Your Gold?

The Nincommiepope.

Dung Out The Ying Yang

Dung Out The Ying Yang

Meanwhile, Back At The Vatican

Pope Leads The Drum Encyclical Of Healing

Pope Leads The Drummed Encyclical Of Planetary Healing

Ironical: Pope Francis Speaks Out Against Wealth Inequality

Almost as bad as when Hillary does it.

income inequality catholic style

The Nincompope

This Pope’s cheese done slid a little ways off his cracker, seems to me. His own operating manual says the entire universe will be rolled up and throwed away, or words to that effect. But he wants my ass bicycling to work and back to take stress off the environment that’s getting destroyed by God any-damn-way? I don’ thin’ so, Popo.


Click through for the full size. Apologies for the lettering, my staff typesetter maid is off for MLK Day.

Lightbringer Trumps Pope

obama with pope