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Someone Needs To Punch Daft Slut Lena Dunham Right In Her Ripped Out Fireplace Of A Vagina

I hear she’s lost weight so there will never be a better opportunity to hit the target – I mean like spontaneously – without the pain of, um…seducing her. I’d do it myself but I’m not allowed to do any heavy lifting.

And why? Just take a look at her Halloween costume this year. (Note: The photo you may have seen posted on the internet recently has been altered. It is a fake. This is the actual, un-retouched original photo I swear.)

I hate her.

Her actual quote, too.

Her actual quote, too.



“Cash For Cadavers” – The History Of Planned Parenthood: Part 1: The Grave Robbers

Planned Parenthood

Desperate Baby Killer


Planned Parenthood – So Much More Than Just Baby-KIlling

No not really. Shredding unborn children and selling the sundered remains is their bread and butter. Along with the taxpayer money the government shovels at them. For some incredible reason.

tissue factory

Planned Parenthood Blocks Videos That Show Them Doing Nothing Wrong Whatsoever

pp blocks videos

Blood Money

Disgusting way to earn a living. Ghoulish, in fact. I hate them.

planned parts

The Party Of Science

Planned Parenthood (aka ‘Come Here To Kill Your Unborn Child’) President: When life begins not ‘really relevant’ to abortion

“I’m the mother of three children,” she finally said. “For me, life began when I delivered them,”

“But that was my own personal, that’s my own personal decision,” she said.