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The Double Standard

Sorry but I won’t tolerate anyone using the death of their son, daughter, whatever as a useful political tool for a rotten, lying, criminal bitch like Hillary Clinton. The muslim scold and his toad wife can shove their bullshit propaganda up their islamic asses.

And the Media…the corrupt liars are surprising no one. It won’t work this time. Trump plays by different rules. They dance for him – and they don’t even know it. I still hate their sorry guts.

double standard

Hillary Clinton: It’s Not Islam

It was his guns that brought on this tragic uncontrollable rage of violence, not his religious beliefs. Take the tweetered advice of this wise Grandmother below, who promises to triple the numbers of Muslim immigrants allowed into the US once she becomes the President – hooray!

omar the muslim

In Wake Of Brutal Islamist Attacks, Obama Reveals His Plan For Keeping Muslims Safe

We’ve been warned.


Mixed My Metaphors

I’ve conflated “ignoring the elephant in the room” with the “800 lb gorilla that sits wherever he wants” because in this situation the gorilla is more representative of what’s being ignored. On purpose. By a guy whose middle name is Hussein.

motive unclear

No, FLOTUS is not on the National Security team.

Well I Think We All Can See The Appeal

It’s not like California has any women that compare to this, amirite guys*? We’d be throwing rocks at the home girls, no doubt about it.


Shalalad Dharezzin (“Shit Her Nose”)

*Also lesbians. No really, we’re cool. I identify as a lesbian myself. I was born that way.

Islam Is Already Demonized. Muslims Saw To That.


Centuries Too Late

The Pilgrims Were Refugees

Yes and look where that got the Natives. Who didn’t want them there.

refugee pilgrims

Don’t Tell God But The Pope Is Helping Spread Islam

spreading islam

No More Porky Pig?

Came across this story yesterday over at Moonbattery

It’s like living in an Onion parody of obsequious totalitarian dhimmitude. The words “pork” and “pig” are following the Confederate flag down the memory hole, lest they offend hostile savages:

To avoid the risk of potentially offending a Muslim somewhere, [Oxford University Press] has banned the use of the words “pig” and “pork” from children’s books as it might offend Islamic readers.

Oxford University Press is one of the largest publishers in the world.

So I figure there will be lots of titles out there that need to be rewritten. And they’ll need new art. In an effort to possibly snag some of that juicy re-illustrating action for myself, I have revised – completely at my own expense – the following classic title, so as to make it socially and politically acceptable by the new, non-offensive standards: Interested publishers and/or authors may contact me through this blog.
Don't be a perv! The Wolf is holding his stick!

Don’t be a perv! The Wolf is holding his stick!

This Is No Time For A Muslim Tongue Bath

Not for decent Americans, anyway.

eid my barack

Obama Vows To Pursue ISIS For Generations

Because he’s only got 2 speeds and the other one is reverse.

not quick

Muhammad Goes Potty

Just because I can.

Modern reenactment of an actual historical event.

Modern reenactment of an actual historical event.