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New North Korean TV



Kim Jong-un Claims Discovery Of “Miracle Drug” That Cures Aids, Ebola, Sars, Mers And Every Other Malady And Affliction Known To Mankind


This Week With Kim Jongoon

Cord Hand - Warm Barrs

Cord Hand – Warm Barrs

Best We Can Tell This Is Completely Made Up

We checked. Can anyone else confirm otherwise?

idiot hairdos

Now Praying!


Fun With Un

Checking in on our fave dictaster dictator:


jong3 jong4


I Am Normally Skeptical Of Tabloid Reporting But This Just Rings True…

un kidnapped

Oh No! He Stretch His Rigaments Too Rong!

Un’s been AWOL for months. Some suspect a possible coup or some dread malady has taken him down. All lies, say the Norks. And they provided this photo to put the rumors to rest.


ronger regs


So There! Biden Ignores Recent Nork Directive, Styles Hair Like Obama

Vice President Joe Biden delivered a sharp slap to the North Korean regime by openly defying a recent Kim Jung Un edict that all men style their hair in his fashion. In a clear dig at the directive, Biden appeared at a news conference today sporting hair styled like his own boss, Barack Obama. The Koreans responded with disdain, announcing they “take no account of man who head rook zachary rike dogtaint.” The White House refused comment.

joe new do


More New Rules For The Norks


jong un


Heads Up, Norks

nork scouts1

This Depresses Me

The picture of Obama and a crying groupie is from yesterday, at a Florida High School where Obama gave a speech (on his way to Key Largo so he could stick the taxpayers with the golf vacation expenses).

Anyway, I don’t see much difference here, do you?