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How Much More Do You Need To See?

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The Cruz, He Burns Them.

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Buy The Insurance And Nobody Gets Hurt, See? Nyah!

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Latest Announcement From Dept Of Health And Human Services: Sanitaria de Obama

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We Interrupt The Game For An Important Message on Obamacare

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Sigh. Now they’re messing with my Football.

See, Obamacare needs young, healthy people to sign up into the state exchanges. Forecast premiums in California (which are based entirely on vapor, since they have no idea how many will actually enroll) are around $12,000.00 per year. The alternative is a 1% tax on income, as a penalty for not having insurance. That’s not hard math. Any sensible young person would be better off paying the penalty and waiting to pay insurance premiums when they get sick. This works because pre-existing conditions cannot exclude anyone from coverage.

This is entirely unsustainable of course, but that is the plan and has been all along. When the state exchanges fail there will be no alternative but to have the Feds step in and take over. Then we get the government-run healthcare that Obama wanted from the start. Utterly devious, yes. But that’s the Chicago Way.