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It’s Still The I.R.S.


Something About The Guy Bugs Me


I Dunno…It’s Possible They Could Be Lying

server dog

In Flagrante Delicto



elijah cummings lies

I Think Issa’s Uncovered Something On The IRS…


One Singular Corruption

irs the musical

Are Obama’s Scandals “Falling Apart”?

Ezra Klein of WaPo says there’s no there there.

obama scandals falling apart

Suggested Revision to IRS Logo

internal revenge service

The Thug Life

Boston Jihad Society Made The Cut

tsarnaev brothers are irs approved

So The Internal Revenge Service Will Be Running Obamacare…

irs running obamacare

Now Don’t Be Paranoid

What’s Going On At The IRS?

IRS playing favorites