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La Bamba De La Desperado Pathetico

dance de la dinero

Just In Time For “Independence” Day

Obama promised we’d see them and here they come. A big, Liberal, tree-hugging finger in our National Eye.

The new pollution rule the Obama administration announces Monday will be a cornerstone of President Barack Obama’s environmental legacy and arguably the most significant U.S. environmental regulation in decades.

The Chamber of Commerce said the rule would cost $50 billion to the economy and kill jobs.

Now, special interests and their allies in Congress will claim that these guidelines will kill jobs and crush the economy,” Obama said in his radio address. “Let’s face it, that’s what they always say.

What a stunning rebuttal, eh? Worthy of the elementary school playground debate hall of fame. Right up there with ‘Neener-Neener’.

They always say these things because this latest overreach is just as achingly stupid as everything else the Professor proposes. “Special Interests” means Private Industry, of course. Working people – like say, coal miners and such. We’re going to drive the cost of energy to unnecessarily higher levels, killing jobs and any chance we had of a real ‘recovery’. To cut CO2…the stuff we humans and all animals exhale. The stuff plants breath. Not because it is harming the Earth or our children or anything else (no, Hippies – FUCK you all, you Liars) …because that’s how you snag even more money from citizens and control over everyone’s life. The limp-dick Liberal way.

I say impeach his ass. Take back Congress and put his arrogant, corrupt, LYING ass out. Take his pension too. Deport him to Kenya, while we’re at it. I’m pissed.