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Kids Fly Free!

obama express

Federal Judge Handcuffs Obama

He’s been temporarily restrained.

Executive Action On Ice

Executive Action On Ice

They’re Illegal, Not Stupid

Estamos ilegal, no estúpido.

Estamos ilegal, no estúpido.

Seeking A New Life, Americans Flock To America

Earl of Taint/MFNS Filed June 7, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Fleeing violent crime and poverty in their home cities, tens of thousands of Americans have fled to other parts of America, overwhelming local resources to the point that those cities have begun busing their new arrivals to the nation’s capital and dumping them on the South Lawn of the White House. To deal with the sudden influx, the Obama administration has requested Congress provide $300 billion in emergency funding for food, housing, healthcare, resettlement costs, employment training and legal fees. As per typical government projections, close to half the funds are expected to disappear into thin air, with no accounting whatsoever.

“We view this as an urgent humanitarian situation,” said an administration spokespoodle “even though a lot of these refugees are just plain old white people who could be utilizing their privilege to get back on top, we still see them as human beings, essentially. And the urgency is for the funding, not the actual relief. We’ll stretch that out for years.”


An Urgent Humanitarian Immigration Crisis? Now? What An Amazing Coincidence!

Illegal immigration numbers for Central American women and children are up dramatically over prior years. Why is this, I wonder? Feels to me almost like they were invited…


Ominous Signs On The Border


Jeb Bush Says ‘OK To Break Immigration Laws If You’re Doing It Out Of Love’

What mush.

But why stop at Immigration? I’ll bet there are lots of other criminals who love their families too.

Maybe we should enact new federal Love Crime Laws to fairify the unfairity?

JEB Love Crime



Latest Announcement From Dept Of Health And Human Services: Sanitaria de Obama

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Mario Rubio Es El Migrito Bandito

This idea issued forth from the dented cranium of fellow Hater michellesbigbeaver

I like it.

marco rubio es el migrito bandito

Learn From Your History!

Remember the words of Chief Toh-Gah-Ri-Noh (Wanders In Bathrobe) of the Red Skunk People, as inscribed on his memorial:

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Boy The Pilgrims Really Must’ve Had It Tough

pilgrims were deprived


A Bush Too Far

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