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Why can’t the illegal millions get out the same way they got in?

Remove the incentives that draw them here and watch them go…without us even asking.

Box Cars roll in. Box Cars roll out.

Box Cars roll in. Box Cars roll out.

Young Woman Murdered By Mexico

I am following the proper narrative here, I believe. Because I oppose illegal immigration, I am free to exploit this tragedy in the furtherance of my political goals by demanding the removal of anything and everything that might trigger an unpleasant emotional reaction from my tender self.

So let’s get the ball rolling:


It’s A Great Question And He’s Really Sorry He Asked


Feds Propose Solution To California Drought Woes By Way Of Immigration Reform

Also great for fighting wild fires!


drought busters

Don’t Wee-Wee On Their Dreams

barry and the dreamers

Engineering A Crisis

And sending us the bill…to do what the law says he should have done in the first place, except he has refused. But he’ll do it now, if we pay up.

engineered a crisis

Focused Like A Laser




Steal Home! The Coach Is Waving You In…

coach is waving you in

The Scum Major


Illegal Aliens


La Bamba De La Desperado Pathetico

dance de la dinero

Democrats Launch New Membership Campaign