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Freshly Leaked: Hillary Yoga Class Photos


Maybe Hillary Killed The Foreign Hackers That Accessed Her Emails

Maybe she didn’t need a secure network. Maybe she used a different tactic, ever think about that possibility? Of course you haven’t, that’s why you come see me.

bathroom server

Don’t worry – this is just a photo not the executable. You can look.


Even the old analog spies took hits. Chappaqua duty was the kiss of death.

***Warning! Soggy Biscuits!***

boob spy

Sorry I Don’t Make The News I Just Report It

A completely unretouched photo, I swear. And also nobody makes you come here so threats of lawsuits are futile.

Sorry but it's my sworn semi-professional duty

I hated posting this but it’s my sworn semi-professional duty to keep you informed

Hillary’s Private Server



Huma And The Puma*

A new reality series I’m pitching to the Boss for her Family Channel. We’ve got a cameo appearances from Catlion Jender (Bill’s reaction is priceless!) and Bill Cosby in the opening episode.

*(Puma = Lebesian Cougar)

It's Every Bit As Real As The Clintons!

It’s Every Bit As Real As The Clintons!

Mistress Huma Brings Out Her Ropes

VP, Media Control

There Is No Safe Word

There Is No Safe Word

Reminding Everyone That A Repubican Congressman Was Forced To Resign For Taking His Shirt Off


He’s stripping down to troll Hillary, no doubt. But assuming she won’t rise to the challenge could be a mistake. They can do a lot with body modification, nowadays. And if she does, we’ll all pay the price.

This Could Really Happen!

This Could Really Happen!

The Clinton Clown Car

Borrowed from The Nutcracker Suite, which seems appropriate enough.

mother gingervitus