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Another Great Gift Idea For The Liberals In Your Life

These are selling like hotcakes. Fun with practical, therapeutic benefits. And everyone knows, busy hippies are happy hippies!

Merry Christmas!


Meanwhile, Back At The Vatican

Pope Leads The Drum Encyclical Of Healing

Pope Leads The Drummed Encyclical Of Planetary Healing

Daft Hippies Shine Spotlight On Corrupt Texas Politician

100% partisan, progtard 501c group smokes exploding cigar…


For Silly Hippies


Eat Without Fear – John Stossel

Stossel nails it again. The anti-GMO hysteria is completely without merit and unsupported by extensive scientific study and years of experience.

Jon Entine of the Genetic Literacy Project responds: “We’ve eaten about 7 trillion meals in the 18 years since GMOs first came on the market. There’s not one documented instance of someone getting so much as a sniffle.”

Given all the fear from media and activists, you might be surprised to learn that most serious scientists agree with him. “There have been about 2,000 studies,” says Entine, and “there is no evidence of human harm in a major peer-reviewed journal.”

Yet anti-GMO activists ignore the science and work aggressively to block production and consumption of healthy, nutritious foods – especially in poorer counties where it is most desperately needed. Just as the so-called “organic” farming methods they espouse cannot produce the same volume of food as demand requires today. Millions would starve to death in the name of Food Purity.

Maybe that’s the plan.

gmo vultures

Hippie Co-Op Forced To Close – Runs Out Of Other People’s Money

A bitter pill, indeed. But will they learn? Don’t hold your breath.

che cafe





Deputies Search For Naked Vancouver Teen Missing In Washington Wilderness


“Deputies are searching for a naked Vancouver woman, 19, who left her campground in west Skamania County, WA on Sunday afternoon.

Maureen Kelly reportedly left the Canyon Creek Campground in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest just after 5 p.m. Sunday on a “spiritual quest,” wearing only a fanny pack that contained a compass and a knife. The woman was supposed to return that night, but didn’t. A friend reported her missing around midnight.

Canyon Creek is steep and mountainous with heavy timber and brush. Deputies aren’t sure whether Kelly is on a road or trail in the area, or moving cross country.”

My Guess?…


The Party of crazy old white people who want to take us back to the past: