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They’ve Hit Bottom. Let’s Keep Them There.

The Polls are fake and skewed, folks – just go vote. We’ll win.

Highly embarrassing election date error corrected – thanks to Cracker Barrel Philosopher for the head slap.


It Was Kind Of A Back-Handed Exoneration, Wasn’t It?

Perhaps a clever maneuver on the part of Dir Comey? What’s that you say? Needs more cowbell? Well, kindly allow me to amplify it for you.


I Am So Disappointed

not melting

Sixty Eight Candles, Make A Lovely Light*

*It’s a really old song. She’s a really old lady person.

And I say “Happy” but in truth I hope she lost her eyebrows.

I hate her.

happy 68th birthday hillary

They’ve Ruined Another Great Show

miss piggery

My Gut Says Hillary Was Running Weapons Out Of Libya To Syrian Terrorists – And Taking A Cut Of The Proceeds

I feels it in my bones.There was big money to be made in post-Ghadaffy Libya. Lots of opportunities for people with the right connections to cash-in Large. And who was more connected than the US Secretary of State, Co-Chair of the Clinton Global Foundation, spouse of an ex-President and a money-grubbing Ho?

The truth will come out, eventually. Until then I am left to my imagination.


Soap Opera


Hillary’s Private Server


Hillary: We Were So Busy Setting Up The State Dept, We Had To Keep Our Official Emails Hidden On My Private Unsecured Server

hillary setup

Can’t Wait For This


Hillary Comes Clean