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Iceland Opens World’s Largest Penis Museum

No, Really

The Icelandic (snicker) Phallological Museum, home to the world’s largest collection of genuine, actual dicks.



The Nasty Harry Roid Is Retiring

Good riddance to THE most shitfaced lying sack of greezy, filthy garbage on the planet.


Varmit Poontang

Slimy Worm Says What?


GOP Senators Volunteer To Perform Delicate Eye Surgery On Harry Reid

In risky procedure, the optic nerve in question can only be approached from the posterior side of the eye.

harry's eye surgery

Democrats Lose The South

From Texas across to the Carolinas, Mary Landrieu was the Last of the Dodos.

Democrats Groom Their New Champion

Warren takes Best In Show (Half-Breed division)
The Old Indian Sheepdog

The Old Indian Sheepdog


Senator Harry Reid Opens Shelter For Unaccompanied Migratory Boys

by Earl of Taint/ MFNS

June 21, 2014

(HENDERSON, NV) Today Senator Harry Reid proudly announced the grand opening of his new Migratory Boys Ranch right here in Henderson. Providing food, healthcare and a clean, non-judgmental sanctuary for undocumented boys aged 12 to 17, the shelter will accommodate 1,500 young, trusting and gullible boys when filled to maximum capacity. Highlights include a variety of rough, sweaty sports and various other strenuous activities plus lots of private counseling time with the Senator.

“Being an issue of great personal importance to me, I am dedicating myself to its success by taking a complete hands-on approach with these kids.” said Senator Reid, “I intend to become intimately acquainted with each of them. Inside and out. And when they’re of age, and getting all hairy, they will leave here as better men.”

harry reid boys ranch

From Harry Reid’s Yearbook

He’s hardly aged a bit…

harry reid yearbook

Harry Reid Overdue For His Embalming


Wrath Of Koch


Koch Brothers Cannot Buy Our Government – Current Owners Refuse To Sell



How Did Harry Reid Get Filthy Rich?