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Getting Ready For Halloween

Literally terrifying. Occasionally wry. Faithfully translated to English from the original Dongese – at no extra charge.  Keep watching – we have more coming on the next boat!


aoc big mouth




WARNING! Clicking the link below is not advised for readers with conditions that may be exacerbated by sudden revulsion, surprise or shock. Due to possible damage to the unborn, pregnant mothers are strongly advised to not hit it at all. Eye protection is encouraged for all viewers. May the Force Field be with you.


toxic warning

Early Halloween: Meet Medusa’a Sister From Another Mister

Click to enlarge – but don’t look directly into her eyes, just to be safe.

And please do remember, we have a strict no-liability policy* when it comes to monetary claims for any harm or damage you may sustain as a result of voluntarily viewing our unaltered, unfiltered and completely true to life images. This equally applies to any and all claimants against your estate, forever, should you end up dead. For those in need, we do have a full supply of eye bleach at the snack bar.
*Certified, ironclad protection sustained by the fact that we have no money.


Monsters Of Chappaquaquiddick

Have fun tonight, all.


Anyone Hear A Cackle Tonight?


The Horror

Andrea Mitchell On HDTV


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Obama Incites Muslim Outrage At White House Halloween Party

Administration releases statement clarifying Obama was not bowing but rather “doubled over in laughter” and that what witnesses saw was the president “ridiculing, not genuflecting”. Mr Obama has phoned the Tiny Totalitarian to apologize and offer a $5,000,000 cash award to ease his pain and suffering.

Additionally, the White House stated that the Baby Pope has been arrested on unspecified charges and is being held without bail while awaiting possible federal indictment. The Baby Popemobile has been impounded and all PlayPapal assets seized.

A simultaneous release from the Baby Muhammed Foundation announced a $1,000,000 donation to both the Democratic National Committee and the Founders Convention for the Barack Hussein Obama International Liebrary And Madrassa.

baby pope

Harpy Halloween!

Her Best Friends call her Gert

Her Best Friends call her Gert

Someone Needs To Punch Daft Slut Lena Dunham Right In Her Ripped Out Fireplace Of A Vagina

I hear she’s lost weight so there will never be a better opportunity to hit the target – I mean like spontaneously – without the pain of, um…seducing her. I’d do it myself but I’m not allowed to do any heavy lifting.

And why? Just take a look at her Halloween costume this year. (Note: The photo you may have seen posted on the internet recently has been altered. It is a fake. This is the actual, un-retouched original photo I swear.)

I hate her.

Her actual quote, too.

Her actual quote, too.

Holiday Greetings From The White House

happy halloween 2014

White House: Halloween Delayed Until After Mid-Term Elections


Everyone’s Halloween Favorite:

the great liar