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Shocking News – Cory Booker Is Dating Who?

I find it hard to believe but he is a Democrat and the story’s getting headlines. Crazy world.


And Thanks to esteemed reader Steve for the inspiration.

A New Low


And just how does Bath House Barry square this with his muslim bosses? Will he have to pay them back for college?

Hat tip to Blues Junky for emailing the link. Tanks Brudda!

The Gay Debutant

The Gay Debutante

FACT: Obama Is Too Gay To Be A Muslim

Not Islamic, just submissive


New Army Secretary Implements Personal Inspection Protocol (PEC/CHEK) – Establishes New Baseline For Promotion



and thanks again to correspondent PhilO for the spark

First US Troops Arrive In Liberia, Obama Style

ebola gay




First Gay Prostitute President

First Gay Prostitute President

Homobama, Gay Prostitute