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Monday Night Triple EW! Special

The Liebrarian, EW!


The Nasty Woman, EW!


The Fake Indian, EW!!


This actual real bona fide cookbook published by The Five Civilized Tribes lists recipes contributed by its members, including Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee. At least 2 of her recipes were copied word for word from existing published recipes meaning she cheated on the Tribes she cheated to join. EW!

It’s A Nanny! It’s A Librarian! It’s Dumber Than Dogpoo! It’s Super EW!


Elizabeth Warren Is Wearing Everybody Out

Even at home. Can’t you imagine?


Please Let Her Be Their War Chief

On behalf of conservative photoshoppers everywhere, I beg the dems to nominate Liawatha Fauxcahontas Warren.

Hillary’s a hoot but she’s pretty old. And rich. Elizabeth is a youthful 65 and she only has a few million. Hardly well off. Much better optics for the party. And I’ll be more than happy to help spread those visuals around.