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He’s The Attorney General Of The United States – But He’s Also A Black Man, So Nevermind

blind justice

Anyone Else Seeing This Or Is It Just Me?

the fuck?


In Flagrante Delicto


The Babies


Texas GOP Rep Louie Gohmert Attacked In Committee

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) was viciously assaulted today by Attorney General Eric Holder and several members of the CBC following a tense line of questioning in a House committee meeting.  Taking offense at a comment made by the GOP Rep, Holder stormed the dais and was joined immediately by the other Democratic members as they pulled Gohmert from his chair, pummeled him repeatedly until he went down and proceeded to kick him repeatedly in the head.

Gohmert was taken to an area hospital where he is listed in serious condition. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Holder and the CBC members fled the Capitol following the melee and remain at large. Holder, citing prosecutorial discretion, is not expected to press any charges.

gohmert attacked

The State Of The Union Couldn’t Be Much Worse

Until, of course, it is.


DOJ: Schools That Apply Their Rules Evenly And Without Prejudice Are Criminals

DOJ letter states that it is a violation of federal law for schools to punish certain races more than others, even if those punishments stem from completely neutral rules. Get how this works?


Eric Holder and Obama’s use of the federal agency responsible for law enforcement to harass white Americans is apparently quite legal.

The Black Asshole Of Justice

knockout game

Super Zeros

So I had this idea for a movie…


Escuse Me Mr Attorney Generalissimo But Why Didn’t Trayvon Retreat?

why didnt Trayvon retreat?

White House Super Zero Hero League

Meet the team that fights stupid.

Meet The Revengers:

wagyu woman

gen vermin


captain africa

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“Reject Those Voices”, My Ass.

barack obama and eric holder corrupt

It Doesn’t Get Much More Corrupt Than This, Kids.