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A Pseudonym For The Pseudo Pres


Breaking: Dumpster Fire Reported In Chappaqua NY


Official Labor Day Kickoff Report – Hillary Is Out…

MFNS Sports:  The Game is underway. Nobody gives a shit about any of that background crap. Here’s where we are, late in the 3rd period:

With the help of numerous questionable calls from the Officials, Hillary was able to break one free into the open field. Thinking she was set to go the distance, she began her high step – Deion Sanders style – and never saw the Email Safety coming in like a hock-seeking rocket from her blind side. (photo below)

They took her to the locker room following her fumble. And also her apparent concussion with possible blood clotting and risk of massive stroke, too. She’s had a few scans (all negative) along with several adult beverages and is resting comfortably under constant Abedin care. She is expected to return in the crucial 4th quarter of the contest but she will only play as much as is needed to drag her battered and drunken carcass over the goal line.

And at the end of the 3rd quarter we’re still all tied up, 50 to 50.

dance it in

League officials confirm, the Email Safety plays for the Wikileaks Trots and entered the game uninvited. Team Trump will not be penalized on the play.

Maybe Hillary Killed The Foreign Hackers That Accessed Her Emails

Maybe she didn’t need a secure network. Maybe she used a different tactic, ever think about that possibility? Of course you haven’t, that’s why you come see me.

bathroom server

Don’t worry – this is just a photo not the executable. You can look.


Even the old analog spies took hits. Chappaqua duty was the kiss of death.

***Warning! Soggy Biscuits!***

boob spy

SIPRNet = Hillary Is Guilty

The Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) is the Department of Defense  network for the exchange of classified information and messages at the SECRET level.  It supports the Global Command and Control System, the Defense Message System, and numerous other classified warfighting and planning applications. Although the SIPRNet uses the same communications procedures as the Internet, it has dedicated and encrypted lines that are separate from all other communications systems.

You can only access SIPRNet through a dedicated machine in a secured room, like this  photo of an outdated (ca 1999) comms room in some US agency, somewhere.


“Behind the Green Door” (vintage) secure communications center

So how to get data off SIPRNet and distributed somewhere else?  You have have to use the SNEAKERNet. Physically copy then walk the data to the recipient machine cleared to accept it. But there are serious rules for this…

Linking a computer with access to the SIPRNet to the Internet or to any other computer or media storage device that has not been approved for use with SECRET information is a serious security violation. Once any media storage device such as a CD or thumb drive has been connected to a computer with access to the SIPRNet, it becomes classified at the SECRET level. It must be protected accordingly and shall not be used on any unclassified computer.  

So, whatever is pulled off SIPRNet – anything at all – remains classified. Even if you strip out all the headers, etc., if it originated on SIPRNet, it is a crime to send it out to an unclassified system.

Hillary Clinton’s private home server held documents that originated on SIPRNet. Her claim that they weren’t marked as such at the time becomes laughable when you consider she would certainly be hyper aware (with her 20 years of experience in DC) of the required security protocols. She had to know her aides were pulling data and walking it back to upload to her unsecure, unauthorized private computer. And she knew they were breaking the law by doing it. She had to know how a non-credentialed employee of her Foundation gained access to highly sensitive SIPRNet intelligence – in complete violation of the law – and cut & pasted that intel into his own outbound emails to ‘clients’ and whatnot.

This is no longer a matter of conjecture. The logs will tell who accessed SIPRNet, what they looked at, downloaded and saved. Those folks ought to face some level of federal charges. Hillary absolutely certainly definitely should, since she’s guilty as hell. But for whatever reason, nobody seems to think she will.

Anyway, how’s that for a little in-depth reporting huh? No funny picture even. Sorry – I blew all my time on this Epistle. But here’s one from the archives…Hillary at the beach.


I couldn’t leave you with nothing. And this one ought to stay with you for a while.


In Respiratory Melt Down, Hillary Coughs Up Emails


Soap Opera


Hillary: We Were So Busy Setting Up The State Dept, We Had To Keep Our Official Emails Hidden On My Private Unsecured Server

hillary setup

Yes, She Does Think We’re Stupid