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Good Old “Losin’ His Lunchbucket Joe”

losin' joe

It’s About To Topple Over

Mostly dead wood anyway. I’d be sad, if they weren’t such total shit. But here we are.



It Isn’t Over Til The Fat Lady Stinks



Is She Done Now?

Is it over? Can we get these people out of our lives, at last? The AG report has exposed Hillary’s blatant dishonesty and even the lefty press is calling her on it, finally.

Just send her sad ass home and confine her to the compound, for all I care. Just get her out of public affairs. And shut down that graft mill of a foundation. Get back Loretta!

po hilly

Poomaggedon – Brian Williams Reports Live From The Vortex Of The Turdnado

The Shizzard Of 2015

The Gig-Killing Shizzard Of 2015