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Close-Out Sale On Discontinued W.O.W Action Figures

Nobody was buying it.

misfit toys



They’ve Ruined Another Great Show

miss piggery

DemocRat 2015 State Of The Slate

This presidential campaign is going to be so much fun…

democrat 2016



Joe Discovers The Butterweave

joe's new hair

I’m Thinking Of Making A Calendar

Starting next month. Working title is “Leftist Sluts”. A preview:

leftist sluts calendar preview

The Cruz, He Burns Them.

cruz burns the blood suckers

The Americans Are Coming!

Based on an idea from that leading American, stout Patriot and fellow member of the Resistance, Bubba

americans are coming

$170K/yr = Starvation Wages – Libtard Whiz Kid Debbie Wasserman-Stupid

debbie wasserman schultz staff is starving

Debbie’s For Our Kids? Funny way to show it.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz – Butt Licker