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Kardashian Caper Cracked

That’s right, the perp got pinched. More to come as the story develops. Somewhere, not here, no.


**Authorities initially believed the fugitive was an immigrant from Africa but it turns out he’s just a dirty Frenchman.

But Only To Decent People, Not Democrats


Ball And Cankles

ball and cankles

Could She Skate?

Of course. But only if Obama refuses to enforce the law. Which he’s already shown a willingness to do, whenever it suits him politically. Having an indebted Hillary in the WH to clean cover up after him seems like it would fit the agenda. Maybe he even gets to pick her VP. Someone to bring out the black voters and keep a eye on the doings in DC.

Later, he could release the dirt on Hillary – causing her impeachment and his hand picked successor then becomes President…Deval Patrick? Kamela Harris? Reggie Love? Jay Z?

Damn. I’m creeping myself out now.

hillary confident



The Hillary Email Scandal Progression And Conclusion In One Condensed Visual


Thanks to PhilO for the orange jumpsuit notion.

She’s Colored A Lot More Than Just Her Hair

lady declairol

We Got 99 Problems And This Bitch Is Every One Of Them


Obama Administration Cracks Down On Romney Donors