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Why Would Anyone Take A Rotten Crook’s Word On Anything, Ever?


The Bribery Gap Is Real

It’s time to face facts. Woman criminals are getting robbed. Recent studies show females who operate at the exact same level of corruption as male criminals yet only make 76% of the bribes and kick backs the men earn, on average. This is unfair and must be corrected.

bribery gap

Soap Opera


The Hillary Email Scandal Progression And Conclusion In One Condensed Visual


Thanks to PhilO for the orange jumpsuit notion.

The Scamburglar


Daft Hippies Shine Spotlight On Corrupt Texas Politician

100% partisan, progtard 501c group smokes exploding cigar…


Is Harry Reid Behind The BLM Action In Nevada?

Harry’s deep in cahoots with a Chinese energy firm to develop a 5bil solar farm in the Dry Lake area.

(I don’t like linking to infowars but I do think they’ve connected the dots here. This stinks, bad.)

harry and the chinese

Why Prune Branches When The Tree Is Dead?

obama obstinance

Rotten From The Roots

Boston Jihad Society Made The Cut

tsarnaev brothers are irs approved

“Reject Those Voices”, My Ass.

barack obama and eric holder corrupt

It Doesn’t Get Much More Corrupt Than This, Kids.

The Financial Acumen of Professor Barack Hussein Obama


Pure genius. We are in the best of hands.


Gosh, maybe not. But it’s not like Mitt Romney’s any better, right?


How much of that moolah got kicked-back to Obama? You’ll never know, if your trusted friends in the Media get their way.

That’s the only reason it’s even close for this corrupt Chicagoan thug. Hug a “Journalist”.