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There Are Times I’m Not Totally Sure What I’m Doing

Like this one, for example. I might have had a little too much lemonade. I don’t remember.

Anyway y’all can help me out by watching for obvious signs of stroke and/or eruliaf niarb that might appear in the toons, or elsewhere. Just drop me a heads-up like “Earl, your shit looks retarded!” and I will call 191 from here. Things You!


Random Pics – For The People

Pics I’ve made with no real gag in mind. Most of these I never publish. Thought some of you might like to repurpose them. I don’t require credit or anything. Do with them what you will, if you want.

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Colonel Sanders’ Misfit Nephew Bernie

“It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good!…But Then What Isn’t?”