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They’ve Been Sucking Big Money From Ukraine For Years Now – But It’s Never Been Reported, Hmm.

ship of felons

Trump Era Primer: Train Yourself To Spot Fake News

Watch CNN.


The Media Wars

That’s right. The same Media that openly mocks President Trump (and via him, his supporters) have contracted the righteous vapors over his characterization of them as The Enemy Of The People. The craven, hypocritical, hyper-partisan Liberal News Bitches are appalled. So Freaking What?

The People. The Regular People. The Normal People stand with President Trump over any Media operative or pundit today. And I could not be prouder to be an American.



The Blind Often Possess An Enhanced Sense Of Smell

Has to be rough on the water bearers, sometimes.

blind media

CNN Reporter Canoodles With Hillary

No liberal media bias here, just a hard working journalist practicing her tradecraft to provide full coverage for of the Clinton campaign. The Daily Caller


It’s The Candy Show!