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They’ve Been Sucking Big Money From Ukraine For Years Now – But It’s Never Been Reported, Hmm.

ship of felons

I’m not really a Dune fan.

But I loved the freaky David Lynch film version from the 80s and wanted to photoshop Hillary as that Navigator creature with the asshole mouth.

So here. (Please note there are a few obvious alterations made that differ from the movie. In the film version the Navigator floats in pure Spice. In mine, she’s suspended in pure Mucous.)



Why Would Anyone Take A Rotten Crook’s Word On Anything, Ever?


How Things Work #244

Campaign Finance

clinton money train

The Clinton Global Mall

clinton global mall

Big Sale At The Clinton Foundation

You probably didn’t even know they had an online store. Too large to post on the main page, so it’s linked to the screen grab below. Check it out.

cgi web store partial

So That Was Their Angle

“Your Money or Your Life.”

clinton foundation

Bill Explains The Clinton Foundation Core Mission




The Bribery Gap Is Real

It’s time to face facts. Woman criminals are getting robbed. Recent studies show females who operate at the exact same level of corruption as male criminals yet only make 76% of the bribes and kick backs the men earn, on average. This is unfair and must be corrected.

bribery gap

Hillary HQ Announces Bill Will NOT Be Returning To The Campaign Trail After All

bill back off the trail

The release further stated that the former president will instead turn his attention back to the family foundation while the former Secretary of State is out of town.

clinton foundation

My Gut Says Hillary Was Running Weapons Out Of Libya To Syrian Terrorists – And Taking A Cut Of The Proceeds

I feels it in my bones.There was big money to be made in post-Ghadaffy Libya. Lots of opportunities for people with the right connections to cash-in Large. And who was more connected than the US Secretary of State, Co-Chair of the Clinton Global Foundation, spouse of an ex-President and a money-grubbing Ho?

The truth will come out, eventually. Until then I am left to my imagination.


The Scamburglar