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I’ve Always Wondered Why They’re Called Progressives

It took my ancestors a long damn time to get away from living in mud huts, grubbing for food and walking around with their privates all caked with filth. But let’s all lessen our impact on the planet by going back to illness, starvation and exposure one chug of pond water at a time, sure thing. Dumbasses. I hate them.


Great. We Get To See His Stick Again

We don't do trigger warnings, sorry.

We don’t do trigger warnings, sorry.

OK, Can Us Citizens Unilaterally Stop Paying Federal Taxes?

FEMA Dickweeds to unilaterally deny federal disaster aid to states whose governors refuse to drink the federal climate change koolaid. So says this scrupulously ethical and unimpeachably honest source.

The world’s going looney tunes…