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The 2016 Democrat Wiener Pull Begins


Leaked Promo Suggests Williams Replacement Has Been Selected

Of course, this is only a rumor. Other possibilities have been reported. Developing….


Poomaggedon – Brian Williams Reports Live From The Vortex Of The Turdnado

The Shizzard Of 2015

The Gig-Killing Shizzard Of 2015

Mouthpiece For Obama

Obama defends Taliban swap, says he’d do it again.

The arrogant asswipe.

Why doesn’t intrepid news mannequin Brian Williams ask Obama why he didn’t swap the 5 bad guys for Bergdahl the Deserter 5 years ago? I guess it wasn’t as politically expedient to ‘bring him home at any cost’ back then. Obama didn’t need to get a VA scandal knocked off the front page, or something. But Brian doesn’t ask. He’s busy with his washing.

obama williams interview