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They’ve Been Sucking Big Money From Ukraine For Years Now – But It’s Never Been Reported, Hmm.

ship of felons

Exclusive Hidden Camera Footage Of Obama AP Interview

MFNS Exclusive – (must credit MFNS or MFNS will get all up in your business, fool!)

The following footage was obtained at great risk and tremendous cost from unverified sources and so we cannot completely vouch for its authenticity. We can, however, affirm that the story does “mesh” with what we know of the nature of the President’s relationship with the AP and the Media in general so we’re running it.

(Please note we are posting stills from the video portion of the evidence only. The audio was basically inaudible, due to the overwhelming background noise of some type of large carnivore savagely devouring its prey on the White House grounds. MFNS contracted at great expense with one of America’s leading lip-readers to transcribe the dialog into those balloon thingees, so our readers could follow the conversation.)

Associated Press Interviews President Barack Obama Oct 4, 2013:

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Are Obama’s Scandals “Falling Apart”?

Ezra Klein of WaPo says there’s no there there.

obama scandals falling apart