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She’s Not Racist You White Trash Mofo

national action niwit

Oh We Understand

I sure hope we do.

frick and frack

Pequeño Pollo

Well everything is setup, we have a different laptop for uploads and running the site and a completely separate system for creative stuff. Only remaining issue – aside from getting used to the keyboard on this bitch – is getting the drivers installed for the graphics tablet and that is not going well. Of course. Been that kind of day. The Struggle is real.

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Celebrity Canadian Orangutan Annoints Alexandriarreah Oral-Complex As New Leader Of The Democratic Party And We Wholeheartedly Concur!

She’s perfect for the Party today. She checks all the boxes that make Soy Bombs (like Mike) moist – so let’s change the rules so she can be President Sparkle Bubbles.

Oh yes, PLEASE let her run.


I Did This For Grins

Socialism means Sharing, doesn’t it?

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What’s In That Head?