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Pelosi Puts Spurs To Nadler In Latest Impeachment Inquiry Thingy

However staffers claim his health has recently declined and as such he will be forced to delay the inquest indefinitely. Until possibly next year – or later.




They’re A Bit Stuck Here…

The leftist base voters demand impeachment from their majority in the House. Actual impeachment will proceed to the Senate, for a trial they will not win (we know they don’t want a proper trial of any kind). And the public is losing interest in (or seeing through) their bogus “inquiry” by the day.  Kind of stuck, yep. What to do?


Journey’s End

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They Claim (Without Evidence) That Trump Did A Thing To Them That We Are Watching Them Do To Trump – And Us


Just Nasty

NBC LA reports a homeless man attacked a woman near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, pulling her from her car and pouring a bucket of feces on her head.

Now we’re all about to get the same thing. Only difference is he’s dickless not homeless.


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Meanwhile, Down In Dorquemada’s Dungeon Of Dumbshit


“A Persistent Repetitious Squeaky Sound”