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  1. Earl,
    You have a broken link to Angry White Dude– .
    That obviously does not refer to the home page and there is an error finding it. The link does take you to the site with an error message. From the home page, the URL—
    For cryin’ out loud! Please do not antagonize him with all those pistols he has layin’ around. He might kill and cremate you and throw your ashes INTO the wind!!!!!

  2. This site makes me laugh about 60% of the time, Heavy. Belly. Laugh. a good 25%. Thanks for those whoppers Earl. Please remember neurotypicals fail in large numbers understanding wildly creative neurodiverse types. I check in weekly and enjoy your “out there” work. Hell with normal.

  3. Earl, the blog roll is a little out of date. Particular attention needs to be paid to Reganite “Republician”, now Reganite “Independent”. This is just a vicious anti-Trump site…one of the worst anti-Trump sites on the net.
    Thanks for your good work!


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