1. Government is the greatest evil ever created by man. Democrats and Republicans are both great at it…that’s the problem.

  2. The Democrat Party is the party of Satan. Why tempt mankind to the dark side when a party exists that can do it for you? That’s why he’s a card carrying member and one of their biggest donors.

  3. This guy needs to be hung from one of the completed portions of the wall for treason as a deterrent to other goofball politicians that aren’t doing their real jobs, which is protecting the country, per the oath they took.

    When you look up the definition of a prime example of the Peter principle, his picture is alongside.

    Want to see what’s REALLY happening down south? Check out this vid:

    [video src="https://bustednuckles.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/05J_k54x42ltjlzRfL.mp4" /]

    It’s a short four minutes and it’ll make you puke.


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