1. If you want a real treat, search for “bud light marketing reps interview” and listen to the truly woke BS spewing from her mouth. Another lesson in how to kill a 150 year old brand in one short piece. ‘Course when Nike partnered with Krapperdink, it didn’t affect their brand, so there’s that and Nike has also partnered with the snowflake. Then us older folks are wondering how and why the country is headed down shit chute.

  2. With the new “Wokeness” of Buttwiper,, I’m guessing their next catchphrase will be “We’ve got your BACK, (nudge nudge, wink wink)”.
    New wokeness is going to slow beer deliveries, since all trucks will drive in REVERSE!
    A new “position” HR will be hiring for is “DOGGY”.
    People who get fired for not buying in to the policy will be SCROTUM sacked!
    The new name for their high-END beer will be “DICKelob”.
    The Clydesdales will be replaced with a team of woodPECKERS, and Pinocchio will be the new spokes “person”.
    A requirement for female employees will be to have a penis.
    The CEO will be called “Pickle-smoocher in Chief”.
    They will begin manufacturing jock-straps with a built-in guillotine.

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