1. Well he MUST have been brought up in the “hood”… I mean “Ho” and “Joe” RHYME don’t they? To verify Joe’s “blackness”, just “axe” him a question… if he recoils at the thought that “axe” is synonymous with “ask”, then he must be lying about his minority status! (Oh, wait… would his lips be moving to either “ask” OR “axe” a question? DAMMIT, I’ve got to come up with a better appraisal.)

  2. Dey wuz de finest negro step daddy and mammie i cud eva have hoped fo, dey teached me bout all dem jimmie crow laws dat bring de black man down to hes knees but we rizen abuve dat now days cus we kin votes and stuff, jes like dem white crackuhs do and dey cum and gets our votes fo us and pays us too, is fine how dey treats us now.

    1. Curious how liberals advocate “fo duh bruddas” to SOUND ignorant (so they can feel superior) and call it racism for “whitey” to help them with English syntax and to appear like “dey gots mo den a fif’ grade edjucashun”.

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