Our Children’s Children Will Study This International Crisis Triumph For Decades

The creative treatments, books and TV/film reenactments will be pouring in to the studios soon. I’m trying to get ahead of that crowd, before they start handing out the big bucks. Fingers crossed!

Thanks kindly to Diogenes Middle Fanger.for linking this. She’s the best.


  1. Lib corruption and more. The Biden crime family would have the US military escort Chinese bombers over this country.

    1. …and tomorrow night we’ll be subjected to most gaslit bunch of lies ever foisted on this country by this dumbass.

  2. So, what the hell was INSIDE that balloon, and did it originate in WUHAN CHINA? Should have been popped at the international waters edge, OFF CHINA’S COAST!
    Fornicate Xi, and the “holse he lode in on!” [sic]

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